About Us

We are farmers looking to innovate the industry

Our passion started off with a leap of faith into the agricultural industry

And never have we been luckier! Looking back at the struggles during the initial stages of farming in 2015, be it in education, getting capital and also pushing our products out into the market, made us appreciate every single moment of it.

Through JomTani, we are innovating the agriculture industry one at a time – starting from education! We would love to share our passion with like-minded people, and we hope through this, we can build a community of farmers across the nation.

Of course, as the world changes rapidly, we realized the need of sustainable farming and producing food. Hence, we are very committed to provide not only the best form of farming education, but also to grow our brand across other satellite farms through our collaborative farming effort.

Join us in our mission for a better tomorrow!


Support Your Local Farmer

Locally grown produce taste and looks a lot better than imported ones. Furthermore, as the produce are grown just within the vicinity of where you are staying at, you will get fresher ingredients since the time taken to move the product from the farm to your table is shorter.

Looking to support a local farmer? Click the link down below!

Our Urban Farm

Our People

JomTani consists of a team of very passionate people be it in the agriculture industry, environment and also technology. Each one of the members brings something to the table, so we only provide our customers with only the best service and the freshest greens!

Saravana Kumar

Saravana Kumar

Co-Founder and CEO

Mirzan Mohd Chee

Mirzan Mohd Chee

Co-Founder and CFO

Hamzah Hamizan

Hamzah Hamizan